“Ant-welder” is a new brand for Ltd Nord Robotics welding cell. The cell is easy transportable and launchable. Welding cell system is movable by forklift. Once in place and connected it is ready to start operating, this is within minutes of delivery. To start the system you need power, air and welding wire supply. Ltd Nord Robotics has  fully enclosed work areas, which ensures safety. The internal weld curtains ensure operators are protected from weld arc. The doors are opened automatically ensuring maximum production output. The robot is always welding at a high production rate.

The benefits of integrating robotic welding cells within an automated manufacturing process include:

  • Increased welding output
  • Repeatable finished product
  • Less work related injuries
  • Increased reliability, quality and consistency in welded products
  • A greater competitive edge through quality guarantee
  • increase in productivity and profit.

Key features:

  • Robot Fanuc ARC Mate 100iD
  • Welding equipment ESAB aristo 400
  • Rotary axis coordinated with a welding robot
  • HMI panel
  • Esab Marathon Pac
  • Safety curtains.

The features can be changed or improved by the customers needs, robot can also change tools for single-torch welding, grinding, deburring, and cleaning.

If you have any questions, please contact us.