Palletizing from the injection molding machine

UAB Nord Robotics made the fully automated process for the plastic parts collection and packing to the boxes. The parts are made from sensitive materials, that must be picked up very gently. Robot with a vacuum gripper let the process go so smoothly, that no damages were found on a part. Gentle pick and place from Negri bossi 210 machine was made with FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7L robot. Communication standard – Euromap 67.

Our services regarding molding machines automation:

-Compact solutions for automated collection of preforms from the injection molding machine and their palletization;

-Robotized system, based on a few robots working together;

-Full communication with the injection molding machine;

-Automated control of the injection molding machine door;

-The possibility to upgrade the system to other automatic machines.