Robot area safety

One of the reasons companies employ robots is – SAFETY. Robots can work in tough and dangerous conditions 24/7 but the area in which robots operate has to be safe for humans.

Integrators of the robotic systems have to ultimate responsibility for ensuring that anyone who works on or near the system observes all the relevant safety precautions. Most popular safeguards:

  • Physical barriers – usually metal fence, that protects from entering robot working zone physically.
  • Interlocks – different type of safety locks, that is letting to enter the robot woking zone safe.
  • Presence sensing devices – different type of light curtains, that is prohibiting to enter robot working zone for personnel, but leaving opportunity for production to pass.
  • Two hand control – special devices letting to work only when both hands are used to activate the machine.
  • Software related functions – special software on the robot, that is safe to use near the personnel e.g. cobots.

Here we show one of safety measurements that guarantee – robots only move when it’s SAFE to do so!

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