Robotic glue dispensing, UV curing and quality check cell

Ltd Nord Robotics has created a robotic cell by the customer’s requirements in Lithuania. Started from a single idea, this was developed into a fully automated solution for contactor UV glue application and quality check.

The system was created to reduce errors and defects, simplify the work of personnel, and improve the quality. The robotic center produces now ~500 pcs. of final goods per hour. Human hands used to make just 700 pcs. in an 8-hour shift! This is a 570% increase in production.

The robotic cell contains:

  • Robot “Fanuc Scara SR-6iA”.
  • “Fanuc IR Vision” System.
  • “Nordson” glue dispensing system.
  • “SMC” vacuum sucker.
  • “Phoeseon Technologie” UV curing lamp.
  • Rotary table.
  • Conveyors.

Discription of the task:

  1. Operator places the product on the rotary table (4 pcs. at the time).
  2. The rotary table turns every 7 seconds.
  3. The product comes first for glue application.
  4. After glue is applied, it goes for 7 seconds under UV curing lamp.
  5. Lastly, Fanuc camera checks the quality: if the quality is good, products are moved to the box, if the quality is not good enough, products are left on the table.
  6. Afte robot fills up one box, conveyor drives this box out and the new box comes from box storing stack.
  7. Cycles are repeated.