Robotic palletizing system

Ltd Nord Robotics installed two robots Fanuc R200iC/165F, that are taking an empty pallet from pallet stack, put it on a pallet conveyor. Then a robot stacks a pallet with boxes coming from production. Fences and other safety means securing robotic cell.

1. The operator sets production type on HMI panel (for each conveyor).
2. Forklift operator brings stacked pile of pallets to pallet conveyor. Two pallet stacks
in total can be placed on a conveyor. A maximum number of one stack – 12 pallets.
3. A robot takes an empty pallet from the pallet stack and puts it on a predefined place.
4. Boxes that arrives on the conveyor are picked up and placed on the corresponding
pallet by robot.
5. The robot continues placing boxes on the pallet until the pallet is full.
6. The full pallet is pushed out from the palletizing area by pallet conveyor. Blinking
light informs about the full pallet. 3 pallets can fit on the conveyor (including the pallet
which is currently being loaded).
7. If there are no more empty pallets, a new stack with pallets enters the pallet zone via
conveyor. If there are no empty pallets in a buffer, the robot stops operation and
informs the operator by a light signal.
8. If there is any problem the robot stops and informs to half production delivery

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