Robotic production depalletizing system

Ltd Nord Robotics made a robotic production depalletizing system from designing to building it. The system was connected to the currently operated painting machine. After the new automated system was installed, the work is done faster and in better quality.

Robot Fanuc M410iC/31 was installed in to the system.  This compact 4-axis model is the best choice for high-speed palletizing applications. Robot load capacity 315 kg., reachability – 3143mm.

The production is depalletized with vacuum gripper to the conveyor. When the pallet is empty, the robot moves an empty pallet to the pallet stacking conveyor.

There are three types of barriers – security fences, curtains, and sensors – to protect individuals from entry into the robotic system’s work area.

All system components and assembly comply with ETEX Engineering requirements. The system is CE certified.

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